• The technical solutions of power battery system used for vehicle and energy storage system integrate multiple subjects such as materials, electrical engineering, machinery, chemistry, thermodynamics, etc. We have a full range of technical development personnel, to provide the solutions of power battery system for vehicle, battery system for energy storage for customers and customize and develop the optimized battery system products. Our service tenet is: to focus on meeting customer demands, provide all-round services to customers.

    The development model of battery system integration:

    Customer demands input – evaluation relatedto customer demands- preliminary solutions -dock with the customer-refine the solutions (the cells selection, structure design, BMS, thermal management design) -make samples-integration test (form the process)-mass production and testing.


    The technology and services of power battery system’s whole industry chain

    Cells- module-battery pack-power battery system, testing-recycling&stagger utilizationof cells.

  • • Selection of the cells
    High energy density
    Long cycle life
    Well safety performance
    • Mechanical structure
    Light-weight design
    Meet the requirements of environmental suitability
    Rigorous design of module, wiring harness, and the electrical connection with the case.
    Sealing grade reach up to IP67
    • BMS development
    High suitability to the cells’ performance and parameters
    The development based on the model
    The simulation and testing
    • System simulation test
    The finite element analysis of mechanical structure
    The simulation test of electrical engineering and thermodynamics
    •Product testing,
    The electrical performance test of battery system
    The test of BMS function and index
    The environmental adaptability test of system (vibration, impact, salt fog, temperature impact, wet and heat cycle, etc.)
    The electromagnetic compatibility, reliability and security test of system



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